Famous and notable Items

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Lost Items

Bold item names are one's that characters have never touched upon - they only saw them (and maybe attuned some of them too). Not all of the listed items are actually lost; characters left them to some place or to someone, and difficulty to retrieve them varies from child's play to absurd. This list is not complete - some minor magical items are not included.


  • Bruenor's Warhammer: +25 Magical Warhammer (Made of Enchanted High Steel w/ +10 Quality). Detects orcs in 100', and Slays them.
  • Blade of Life: Detlef's and later Dunnaealc's Blade, which is +10 Magical Broadsword, with additional +10 against Undead.
  • Detlef's Warhammer: +10 Magical Warhammer, with daily Invisibility on it.
  • Teleplag's Blade: Two-Handed Sword, made of Ithilnaur (+20 Magical). On command the blade goes either cold (Slays undead) or electrical (Slays Dwarves).
  • Teleplag's Dagger: Ithilnaur -made (+20 Magical), this dagger yields double damage.
  • Elven Longbow: In the Hands of an Elf bow acts like Magical +20 Long Bow, and can shoot every round without minuses.
  • Leigos' Crossbow: Magical +20 Light Crossbow, which reloads itself (may be fired every round without minuses).
  • Thoronogat (Q: Eagle's Claw): Undead Lord Rilmë's beautifully crafted broadsword, which has following qualities:

    Unfortunately the sword was destroyed among other Rilmë's equipment (except his plate mail, which was destroyed by Dwarf Lord Ikalzog's mighty stroke of his war mattock), when he finally killed himself, after destroying neighbouring Dwarven Lords, by throwing himself in a deep pool of molten lava.

  • Noril (Q: Bright One ?): One of the eight swords of the High Elves, wielded by Sage Khanturin. If the wielder doesn't have Elven blood and is not truly 'good', sword's magic will not work, and it will be merely a +25 due to it's high quality. Otherwise, Noril adds +10 to DB, is able to cast Stun Relief III (Ess, 'Body Renewal', lvl 9) at will and can cast Utterlight (Ess, 'Light's Law', lvl 17) twice / week. Additionally, Noril is a +40 longsword which delivers an additional heat critacal. It inflicts triple damage to all opponents, and it bestows Self Aura (Ment, 'Brilliance', lvl 4) upon it's possessor (it need not to be drawn for this effect).
  • Magical Sabre: Magically (+5) treated sabre, which gives +10 against Dwarves and +15 against Elves.
  • Red Spear of Diif-Marash: 6' long spear has superior blade (+10). Enchanted so that all bleeding results are doubled. Spear can be thrown to double normal range (100' at -30 range penalty), and is "Of Slaying" Orcs. Currently the spear is in two pieces, and all of it's magic is lost.
  • Detlef's Broadsword: Magical +5 broadsword, bought from Esgaroth. Additionally, sword is a +2 spell adder for channeling users.
  • Armor Slaying Sword: +10 magical longsword, which can destroy a part of armor at wielder's will upon striking if armor fails RR. There are limited charges of that power to each armor type though.
  • Algar's Light Crossbow: Carried by short-lived but legendary musician Algar the Poet, this weapon of many sorrows was a gift from his father. Rumours are, that Algar's father slayed one wineyarder in Shrel-Kain and bought his yard from the mourning widow. Maybe it was because this tragic incident, but this magical +15 bow betrayed Algar on a critical moment against orcs.
  • Staff of Flames: Daelhaelin Cirya's staff, made of ash. Fire-based spells require half less development points to learn, and when used in combat staff gives an additional heat -critical of one severity less. Staff was lost when Cirya was saved from Wintarion Iaur.
  • Forest Friend: This magically enchanted longsword has special abilities in the hands of a ranger. Normally the blade is a +20 magical weapon, but when a ranger wields it, he gains following powers: Free use of Druid's list 'Animal Mastery' to lvl 20 with 50 PP/day; when set point first into the ground, all hostile animate plants cease to move. Finally, any sylvan creature will have a +20 reaction modifier to the wielder of this blade.
  • Unholy Mace: This Armor Slaying (mithril and enchanted armor makes a RR) wooden club is made for Servants of Darkness. If anyone else than Servant of Darkness tries to strike with the mace, he must resist 10th lvl Essence attack or turn to stone.
  • Silmanainië: (Q: Lament of the Silmarils) Maglor's +75 broadsword made by Fëanor himself. It is made of unknown blue material, delivers additional Cold and Impact Criticals. It also hastes the wielder and delivers triple concussion damage.
  • Henefuin's Sword: Wickedly crafted two-handed sword made of yet unknown material. It is +20 weapon, and will easily break on the hands of anyone else than Henefuin.


  • Teleplag's Plate: +20 Magical AT 19 Plate Mail Suit, made of Ithilnaur. Encumbers as AT 17. (More to come..)
  • Nar-Kar (Q: Fire-Warrior): Rilmë's Full Plate Mail Suit, made of red Eog. It's superior quality gives an additional +20 to DB and resistance rolls. It causes wearer to be immune to fire, both natural and magical. Once / day it allows wearer to cast a +100 Fireball with double concussion hits. It doesn't encumber at all.
  • Aranoramba (Q: King's Wall): Rilmë's Full Shield, made of red Eog. The Shield is a weaponslayer (All weapons that hits the shield must resist lvl 30 attack or break instantly. Weapons level comes from their Magical Bonus).
  • Khanturin's Armor: Plate Mail Suit made of Mithril (AT 17, encumbers as 5) which gives due the high quality and magic a +30 to DB and resistance rolls.
  • Mithril Shield: Khanturin's Full Shield, which gives a DB of 30 (due the material and quality).
  • Detlef's Leather Breastplate: Found from a troll's lair, this armor was in very bad condition. It is only an illusion. The Rigid leather breastplate gives +10 magical bonus to wearer's DB.
  • Bruenor's Chainmail: AT 14 chain mail suit made of low-steel. Due to superior quality, total bonus (non-magical) was +15.
  • Maglor's Armor: Truly unusual creation, made of unknown white material. It protects as 20 (-75) and encumbers as AT 13. It also protects Maglor from all Evil spells.
  • Henefuin's Cloak: Grey cloak that acts as AT 13 with no emcumbrance.


  • Phial of Fountainhead: 3" long phial. When opened, after one round (if not re-corked), a stream of water will emerge. Treat as +20 Water Bolt (50' range) for initial burst, and then slower stream (1 gal./rnd) until re-corked (a very hard maneuver).
  • Adna's Harmonica: Enchanted Harmonica, which is able to cast Nightvision per each day. Item is intelligent, so no attunement roll is needed.
  • Adna's Grappling Hook: Intelligent Grappling Hook, which can cast Silence I once per day.
  • Amulet of Lifekeeping: Tiny orb made of white Láen, set in golden claw held in a fine golden chain. If the wearer of the amulet dies, his soul is kept in the orb up to 20 days, and will immediately return to the body if it is healed before that time, regardless the distance. If the wearer succumbs to an Absolution, soul will merely transfer itself to the amulet, and will return after a number of rounds equal to to the PP's used to cast Absolution.
  • Flute of Mist: Flute, which creates mist when played. Thickness and radius depends on player's skills. Mist acts as normal mist.
  • Rilmë's Crown: Beautifully crafted Mithril crown, which acts as a full helm and doesn't disturb casting Mentalism Spells. Additionally, wearer may not be stunned, and he receives +50 resisting hostile Mentalism Spells.
  • Rilmë's Rings: Two rings - one is made of silver and gives +50 versus Cold; the other is made of gold, and acts as a x4 multiplier to Mentalism Users. Additionally, it may cast 10 times / day Bladeturn II -spell (Spell Law, p. 108).
  • Rilmë's Necklace: Made of Mithril. Wearer may spend 50 power points / day to cast any spells from any Lay Healer Base List to lvl 20.
  • Boots of Waterwalking: Khanturin's soft leather boots, which allow the wearer to walk on water as walking in normal ground.
  • Ring of Khanturin: Forged of Mithril and set with a diamond, the ring prevents normal spell failure, and acts as a x4 PP multiplier for any class. It's wearer is able to fly (150'/rnd) at will and gains Darkvision and Sly Ears (Ess, 'Physical Enhancement'). Once / week it may summon any kind of elemental, which will serve its master for 1 hour (concentration is not necessary).
  • Khanturin's Golden Ring: Plain ring which gives +30 to DB and resistance rolls.
  • Warhorn of Grell Inarthelin: Made of Cow's Horn, this Horn has a spell bind in it. When blown to horn, everyone touching the blower are instantly teleported to certain village in Plains of Rhovanion, no matter what the distance is.
  • Golden Arrow of Dragonslaying: Carried by a woman called Biarda Jampett, these once-usable arrow slays dragons. It gives +20 bonus to shooting too.
  • Shielding Ring: Detlef found this plain ring from Buried City of Galadórë. Ring was enchanted so that wearer was able to cast Shield -spell twice / day.
  • Suspenders of Adrenal Moves: Results of some nearly-mad alchemist's experiments, Suspenders of Adrenal Moves were created. He who didn't have any sense of style and wore suspenders, they bestowed a magical bonus of +25 to all adrenal moves.
  • Vorinar's Cloak: Magically enchanted cloak made of wool. It gave +10 to wearer's DB.
  • Spider's Egg Necklace: Unadorned golden chain with one black 'jewel', spider's egg. It was magically treated, bestowing double amount of power points for channeling users.
  • Montebanc Cape: Designed only for Montebancs, this cape acts as a +2 spell adder and longdoors the wearer once / day. Wearer disappears and reappers in a puff of smoke.
  • Rod of Animating Dead: An ebony rod with fittings of silver. This rod allows the wielder (who must be channeling user) to cast Animate Dead to lvl 19, once / day / each Animate Dead -spell. In addition, the rod is a +3 spell adder for Evil Clerics.
  • 2 Rods of Laen: 3 feet long rod made of green Laen. One of three similar rods, this item is binded to another item, and in order to get items work, three rods must be placed in certain formation into certain place. Formation as well as place are unknown. 1 of these rods is carried by Dil-Vilya. Imbedded in the rod is a 100th level spell, Control Demon VI, from list 'Gate Mastery', When brought together, they release an enormous magical blast.
  • Side of Pyramid: Made of jet black material. Is keyed to work with other items - alone it is useless. There is (atleast) one spell embedded to this 4 mm thick triangular piece of ???. The spell is a very, very high one from the list Dark Summons.
  • Grey Cloak of Adept: Daelhaelin Cirya's cloak, which was lost to the Wintarion Iaur. Cloak gives to it's wearer x2 PP (Essence users only) and +10 to DB and RR.
  • Head of a ape-like creature: Withered, ugly looking head. When boiled and eaten by an Essence user, his/her maximum amount of power points is doubled for 1 month.
  • Browband of Nightvision: This golden browband was found from the tower of Minas Falath, and used by Dúnadan Fighter Aldamir until his corpse was carried away by orcs. Browband gave it's wearer an ability to see in dark like the spell Nightvision.
  • Wand of Awesome Shockbolt: This small gift from Dimmu's tutor has a Shockbolt spell imbedded in it, which works once/day. Currently item is guarded by Scatha the Worm.
  • Ring Of Binding: Plain band, forged of unknown metal and bearing no signet or inscription, this ring was held by Ring-Wight of Wintarion Iaur. Ring bestows it's wearer a many times (x10) more lifetime than a normal human has. When wearer would normally die due age, he instead becomes a slave of evil, as he passes slowly in the realm of Shadows. As long as subject is wearing the ring, he retains his physical guise and appears normal except for the red glinting lights in his eyes. Along the process ring grants to it's wearer extraordinary strenght, quickness and agility (stats are raised to 102). Resistance rolls are also improved (+10 levels) and the wearer cannot be stunned. After Ring-Wight perished, the ring was held by Trahald Onkaloinen for a brief while, but taken away by Mages of the Or-Sarn.
  • Trinkets of Variag Clerics: Various items, which act from +1 spell adder for Channeling users to x3 multipliers to Channeling users. Given to refugees of the Lake-Town.
  • Feather Pencil: Texts written (or drawings drawn) with this Pencil are much more better quality than normal ones - atleast the one who looks at them thinks so. If some forgeries are made with this pen, they have better chance to misdirect one who examines forgeries, poems written with this pen are 'better', etc. Threwn away, most probably.
  • Estellogon: Simple stone which is about a size of a man's fist. To Animists it gives 50 PP to use from 'Herb Mastery' -list / day. The stone itself is 'divided' with carvings into five sections. In the middle one appears to be tengwarin rune "C". Stone is in Or-Sarn.
  • Maglor's Lute: Triple ranges of all Bardic 'Controlling Songs' and 'Sound Control' spells; allows silent casting of Bardic spells.
  • Maglor's Cloak: +30 to DB, +60 to Hiding, protects from heat and cold.
  • Maglor's Earring: Made of mithril with a red gem inlayed, it is a x9 PP enhancer.
  • Talisman of Absorption: Henefuin's black ring, which is able to absob unknown amount of spells cast at bearer each day. Some examples of it's power have been seen though - it's quite considerable.
  • Staff of Lightning Bolts: 6' long staff, simply carved and not too eye-catching. However, staff is quite deadly in the hands of skilled user. Staff is able to cast 5 Lightning Bolts per day with 4 rounds interval. Staff was given to Thranduil as a gift.

    Carried Items:

    Note! Some items that are carried are not listed in here...


  • Shinvakalii:A special mithril set of "body blades", Shinvakalii are dagger-like blades attached to the wielder´s wrists, elbows and shins. As long as their wearer dons no armor, they maybe used in a special attack form: the wielder may make two dagger attacks per round against his opponent, and if either misses, the wielder may immediately follow up with a martial arts striking rank 1 attack. Beacause of this set´s special construction, the dagger attacks are +20. In addition, a haste 1 (usable 2x/day) is embedded in the blade set. This could effectively allow for 4 attacks per round in 2 sets of 2, twice per day. Shinvakaali may not be used as missile weapons.
  • Darkbane: Normal looking broadsword, which has a magical bonus of +10. However, against creatures of Darkness, item's bonus is 10 + 2 x wielder's level. Additionally, against such creatures, Sword inflicts additional hit points (severity of critical (1-5) times the level of creature. Maximum effective level is 10, thus maximum extra damage being 50 hit points.) Whenever Darkbane is dwawn from scabbard, every creature of Darkness within 250' is struck by +25 shock bolt. Creatures within 100' are struck by +50 shock bolt. After each use, sword must be in the scabbard for 1 hour to reload. Additionally, creatures within 50' must resist 20th lvl attack or be at -10 and lose 2 hit points / rnd. Creatures within 25' must resist or be at -20 and lise 5 hit points / rnd. Additionally, Darkbane bestows it's wielder ability to cast True Aura once / week. Used by Paldamir.
  • Wave-bladed dagger: Originally carried by evil cleric Yendared it was used to ritual sacrifices. It is magical, gives +20 to attacks and an extra cold critical of two degrees less in severity. Any bleeding is doubled, and those criticals which do not normally cause bleeding, have 75% chance to start bleed. Used by Dil-Vilya.
  • Dimmu's Baw: +15 Magical Baw, which yields additional Unbalancing crits of same severity (up to 'D' critical). It is also designed for mages, weighing only 40% of the usual weight of a baw.
  • Irgaak: This big, saw-edged two-handed sword was found from Fell Beasts' loot. Made by the people of the Dorwinion, this blade is sacred to them and used only in rituals and in holy wars. This particular Irgaak is enchanted to give a +10 magical bonus to OB.
  • Sword of Lothgûr: Magical broadsword, yet without bonuses to OB. Enchantment of this sword is it's ability to inflict 10 additional cold criticals (of equal severity) per day. Used by Dínen Faroth.
  • Dínen's Whip: This flexible yet durable leather whip was given to Dínen as a gift. It is good quality (+5), and enchanted. One skilled in magic is able to cast Invisibility I once per day from the whip.
  • Karhunkaataja: Urho's magical longbow is actually a heirloom of his family. Name "Karhunkaataja" (La. Bear Slayer) comes Urho's first kill with it - a Big Killer Polar Bear. The long bow itself is a +20 magical weapon.
  • Roamer's Staff: Another of Urho's initial treasures. Enchanted quarterstaff with no bonuses, but it has Sustain Self -spell, which can be cast once per day.
  • Undead Scorcher: Mighty jeweled warhammer, which is a +10 magical weapon. However, when hammer touches (ie. attack results atleast one hit, no critical required) undead of any kind, attacker may roll for an extra scorching attack (point blank firebolt, no DB). Found from mewlip cavern, now used by Gilin.
  • Spear of the Light: This marvellous artifact spear was found from giant spiders lair, and is now unused. It is a +40 weapon wrought of golden wood (Mallorn?) with a Mithril tip. It does quadruple damage and additional electricity critical. It is "Holy" weapon, and can be thrown twice normal range, returning to the thrower at the end of turn. Additionally, it is highly intelligent, though it cannot speak. It will not allow itself to be used for evil, and will deliver a 'D' electricity critical to anyone who attempts to do so. It can cast following spells once per day (unless stated otherwise): Aiming ('Essence Hand', when thrown), Haste X ('Rapid Ways'), Utterlight ('Light Law', at will), Unpain 50% ('Body Reins'), Monksight ('Monk's Sense'), Stun Relief III ('Body Renewal, 4/day), and True Aura ('Brilliance', 2/day). It also gives its bearer a +30 RR modification against evil magicians, evil clerics, evil mentalists and sorcerors.
  • Dagger of Brilliance: +20 magical polished steel dagger. Wielder is able to cast spells off Brilliance list (to 10th lvl) up to 25PP/day.


  • Paladin's Shield: +20 silver alloyed full shield. It acts as a x3 multiplier to paladins. Used by, naturally, Paldamir.
  • Yendared's Robe: Pitch black robe with golden decorations. It protects like rigid leather breastplate (AT 9) but encumbers as a normal robe. It gives an additional +25 to defensive bonus as well. Currently it is used by Dil-Vilya.
  • Aicanáro's Chain Mail: Magicked High Steel chain mail hauberk (AT 14) which gives a total DB bonus of 15. It served it's original user well, and is currently unused.
  • Lothgûr's Robe Another pitch black robe, but with no decorations. Robe protects as AT 3, gives +33 to wearer's DB and enchants wearer's resistance rolls by +10. The robe is used by Dimmu.
  • Shield of Familiars: Light-weighted full shield (only 70% of normal weight) which is enchanted with Familiar spell (from 'Gate Mastery, lvl 1 spell). Spell is usable four times per day.
  • Paldamir's Leather Armor: +10 magical leather armor (AT 10).
  • Gloves of Minor Resistance: This enchanted pair of leather gloves gives +5 RR vs spells and elemental attack rolls (from list 'Spell Defence'). Enchantment is constant.
  • Target Shield: +5 magical target shield, originally used by Dimmu, now unused.
  • Target Shield: This black target shield was found from giant spiders lair. It is non-magical, but due it's material it gives +20 bonus.
  • Mithril Mail: This chain mail shirt (AT 13) was found from mewlip caverns. Due it's material, it gives +20 magical DB to wearer. It is used by Gilin.
  • Elven Chain Mail: Full Chain Mail suit (AT 16), made of Mithril, encumbers as AT 13. Used by Dínen.

    Misc. Items

  • Golden Heart: Heart, which makes it's carrier immune to bleeding, control, possession and fear. Highly Intelligent. Heart actually 'replaces' the original heart. Possibly some additional effects...
  • Wand of Elementals: The wand can summon elementals of any type as long as there is a large quantity of proper type of material (earth, fire, etc.) available. Summoning a greater elemental takes 2 charges, a lesser elemental uses 1 charge. Currently, the wand has 0 charges.
  • Adna's staff: Inherited (or stolen) from his father when Adna decided to leave (flee from) his home, this 3' long oaken staff has powerful charm: it is +4 spell adder to all users of Essence. When Adna met Dimmu and the others, he gave this staff to Dimmu.
  • Wand of Firebolts: Simple wand, charged with unknown amount of firebolts.
  • Scrolls from Dol Guldur: 1st scroll has the rune Enchanced Dodging True from Monk's Base list 'Evasions' (lvl 100 spell); 2nd scroll has the rune Invisibility from Open Essence list 'Invisible Ways' (lvl 6 spell); 3rd scroll has the rune Tracking True from Ranger's Base list 'Path Mastery' (lvl 30 spell); 4th scroll has the rune True Armor III from Open Essence list 'Elemental Shield' (lvl 100 spell); 5th scroll has the rune Mass Fly from Closed Essence list 'Lofty Bridge' (lvl 75 spell, used); and 6th scroll has the rune Permanent from Closed Essence list 'Spell Enhancement' (lvl 50 spell, used).
  • Rod of Laen: 3 feet long rod made of green Laen. One of three similar rods, this item is binded to another item, and in order to get items work, three rods must be placed in certain formation into certain place. Formation as well as place are unknown. Two other rods are currently in Or-Sarn. Imbedded in the three rods is a 100th lvl spell, Control Demon VI, from list 'Gate Mastery'. When brought together, they release an enormous magical blast.
  • Ring of Cold: Allows user to cast spells from Magician Base list 'Ice Law' for 10 PP/day.
  • Rod of Staying: This simple rod made of pine is able to cast Staying I (from list 'Telekinses', lvl 2 spell) twice per day. The rod was found from Fell Beasts' lair.
  • Crown of the Mage: Crown of the Mage is a black crown with four 7cm tall spikes around the browband, and four black gems set on foot of each spike. Each spike is enchanted with different powers; first spike allows wearer to cast Fly (from list 'Lofty Bridge, lvl 7 spell) three times per day. Second spike allows wearer to cast Bladeturn ('Shield Mastery', lvl 7) three times per day. Third spike allows wearer to cast Extension III ('Spell Enhancement', lvl 7) three times per day, and fourth spike allows wearer to cast Lightning Bolt ('Light Law', lvl 10) three times per day. If wearer is outdoors while thunderstorm is raging, he is able to channel raw electrical energy from the storm, thus giving a special +100 bonus to Lightning Bolt -attack (from the crown only). Unfortuntaly, this fabulous item is usable only by Lothgûr; others receive A-electricity -critical if trying to wear or use it.
  • Side of Pyramid: Made of jet black material. Is keyed to work with other items - alone it is useless. There is (atleast) one spell embedded to this 4 mm thick triangular piece of ???. The spell is a very, very high one from the list 'Dark Summons'.
  • Figurines of the Fighters: Two 3" white marble figurines appear as human fighters dressed in full plate mails (AT20 +5). When they are placed on the ground, and command word is spoken, they will grow in full size (1 round) and obey the speaker. They return to statuette form after 1 hour OR when killed OR when their master commands them. After shrinking they may not be resummoned for 24 hours. They heal normally. They wield a warhammer (+5) and wall shield. Combat stats are: DB 40, OB 90, 80 Hits, ST 98, CO 98, and any stun result against them is halved (round up). If one dies, it is unusable (it won't shrink again).
  • Healer's Ring: Originally Ari-Mhûn's gift, it is now used by Urho Kaataja. Ring is named after it's healing aids - it gives a special +25 bonus to all healing related skills (eg. first aid, surgery, animal healing).
  • Dust of Channeling: Small pouch containing fine gray dust. When a channeling user creates a 10' radius circle with dust and stands (lies) in the circle, he is able to cast spells effectively as double of his normal level and with one-quarter of normal PP cost, when dust is effective. Duration of dust's enchantment is 15 minutes.
  • Staff of Essence: Normal looking staff, found from giant spiders lair. It is +7 essence adder, and has Summons II (from 'Gate Mastery', CE) imbedded in it. Spell can be cast 32 times.
  • Ring of Cold Resistance: Given to Gilin as a gift, this plain golden ring gives +20 against all magical cold related attacks. Additionally, it protects against natural cold to -29 C (as Cold Resistance on list 'Damage Resistance', OM).
  • Silent Trigger: Nicely enchanted disarm trap kit. It gives a special bonus of +25 to all disarm trap -skill rolls, and has constant Quiet I (from 'Sound's Way', OC) imbedded in it. It was given as a gift to Dínen.
  • Ring of Invisibility: Ornated reddish golden ring was given as a gift to Brad. The ring has Invisibility I ('Invisible Ways') imbedded, and it works four times per day. Currently used by Urho.
  • Flask of Sweet Rainwater: Normal looking leather flask, which, however, is quite magical. When succesfully attuned, user may dispense pure water from the flask, enough for 4 people/day (16 liters).
  • Cloth of Feasts: Nice looking table cloth which provides food for four, once per day, when spread on table or ground.
  • Tome of Wisdom: After 3 months of study (8 hours/day) the Tome grants nice boost to reader's Memory and Reasoning stats; both temp. and pot. value are raised to 101. Unfortunately, the Tome is written in Iylar, High Elven language of the Shadow World. Succesful studying requires 10 ranks in reading Iylar.
  • Mithril Ring: Plain white ring, which acts as x3 multiplier for any realm of magic. Used by Dimmu.
  • Dice of Chaos: Two black 6-sided dice, which yield unknown results when rolled. They can affect only one person at time; when affected person is dead or the effect subsides, they will affect on the next roller.
  • Cloak of Flying: Nice white silk woven cloak, which allows three times per day flying at 300'/rnd for 10 rounds.
  • Wand of Lightning: Casts Lightning Bolt at +10/charge expended, max of +80. The wand has 35 charges left.
  • Boots of Speed: Made of dark leather, they adjust to wearer's size, and wearer may cast 12 PP / day off Rapid Ways (Haste twice / day).
  • Spell Books: Arcane Magic: Books which contain all Arcane spell lists to 20th level. Worth great fortune.
  • Boots of Water-walking: These brown leather boots enable wearer to walk on calm water at will. Currently used by Dínen.