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1. What is the Elementary Guild

1.1. Why was the Elementary Guild founded

1.2. Basic Fundamentals of the Elementary Guild

2. How to become a Member of the Elementary Guild

2.1. Who can become a Member of the Elementary Guild

2.2. What is required to become a Member of the Elementary Guild

2.2.1. Becoming an Initiate

2.2.2. Becoming a Member

3. Brandyball

3.1. Rules

3.1.1. Brandyball field

3.1.2. Teams

3.1.3. Coaching Staff

3.1.4. Brandyball Referee 2-Minutes Penalties 5-Minutes Penalties 10-Minutes Penalties 20-Minutes Penalties Combined Penalties

3.2. Special Rules

3.3. Equipment

3.3.1. Uniforms

3.3.2. Brandybottle

3.4. Brandyball League

4. History and Future of the Elementary Guild

4.1. Timeline

Third Age:
  • 11.09.1615 Kuittaa Lisää is born.
  • 29.11.1621 Kuittaa makes his first "Elementary my dear boy" -result
  • 01.12.1627 Kuittaa learns his first spell
  • 02.12.1627 Kuittaa has his first hangover
  • 18.04.1630 Kuittaa meets Ms. Monipenni
  • 26.06.1633 Kuittaa marries Mrs. Monipenni
  • 27.03.1634 Kuittaa's Daughter is born
  • 07.01.1640 Kuittaa is sent to complete a mission in Ardor.
  • 26.06.1640 Kuittaa meets Barty the Hathorian
  • 19.07.1640 Kuittaa and Barty decide to establish the Elementary Guild
  • 10.09.1640 Barty and Kuittaa invent Brandyball and it's basics.
  • 15.09.1640 Kuittaa brings the idea of Brandyish.
  • 05.10.1640 Barty got killed by a Wind of Taurung, and his shirt was pierced!
  • 06.10.1640 Barty was resurrected.
  • ??.10.1640 Kuittaa was killed by three wargs.
  • ??.10.1640 Kuittaa was resurrected.

4.2. Some of Guild's Legendary Achievements

4.3. Guild's Things to do in Future

  • Finish the rules of the Brandyball
  • Create Brandyish
  • Research a spell 'Create Brandy'
  • Avenge piercing of Barty's Shirt to Winds of Taurang

5. Titles of the Elementary Guild

Moran was accepted to a Member after long negotiations. In his application sheet he proved his worthiness and told his deeds. Donated Brandy also helped.

6. The Elementary Guild's Ways to Communicate

6.1. Brandyish

6.1.1. About Himoloot

6.2. Signal Language

7. Of Elves

7.1. History of Elves

7.2. Present of Elves

7.3. Future of Elves

If you have any questions concerning the guild, or just want to comment this page, or if you wish to become an Initiate of the Elementary Guild, please send mail and apply! On the application reasons why would we accept YOU to our guild must be found, with small personal backround and other interesting facts about how do you match with the Elementary Guild's rules and restrictions. An applicator agrees that the High Leaders of the Elementary Guild and the creator of this page are are not held liable from any costs, physical- or mental harm, direct or indirect damage etc. that applicating, reading this page or whatever you do may cause to applicator's or any participicant's health, software, hardware, car, TV, Role-Playing Games, Neighbourg's dogs, Moon or to the whole Universe.