Kuittaa Lisää

Lvl: 12. Race: Lumimies (Lossadan) Profession: Magent/Nightblade
Home: Mulkan, Forodwaith. Aka: "Elementary", "The Giant Killer", "The Elf-Slayer", "The Demonbane", "The Loremaster", "The Living Dead", "The Tracker of the Twelve", "The Ultimate Lightning Rod", "The Elf-Friend", "The Language Master", "Xerox", "The Elephant Hunter".
RM Stats: St-70; Qu-68; Em-70; In-87; Pr-100; Ag-85; Co-68; Me-70; Re-96; Sd-99. Appearance:94.

20 Hightest Skill Bonuses: Observation 139; Tracking 114; Stalk 111; Sense: Hearing 108; Sense: Smell 99; Hiding 96; Pick Locks 94; Interrogation 78; Leadership 77; Read Tracks 76; Trading 75; Picking Pockets 75; Duping 68; Seduction 68; Trickery 68; Bribery 66; Detect Traps 66, Surveillance 64; Lie Perception 63; Locate Hidden 60; Lip-Reading 59.

Languages, Spoken/Written:Quenya 10/6; Sindarin 10/0; Bethteur 10/0; Kiranaic 7/0; Labba 7/0; Westron 6/2; Adûnaic 6/0, Adena 6/0; Pêl 6/0; Haradaic 6/0; Drêl 6/0; Chaiallah 6/0; Kuduk 5/0; Sederi 4/0.

OB: Long Kynac 98; Throw (Dagger) 53; Spear 53. DB: 0 (without equipment) / 85 (maximum)

Offspring of infamous parents, Kuittaa became a legend far from his Homeland. After his 26th Birthday, he got a Quest as an inheritance of his Mentor, whose name shall not be spoken aloud. This Quest was to find back piece of Laen. On the night of his Birthday, his Mentor was foully murdered by unknown power. Kuittaa accepted his Quest, leaving his homevillage and saying goobyes to his wife and six-years old daughter.

All Kuittaa knew about the past of his Mentor was where he used to live before coming to far North. His Mentor stood 6' 7" height and differed in every aspect. Mentor's skin was almost as black as long nights in the Northern Waste, and his hair was long and straight like black bear's pelt. Mentor came from Utter South, from Realm of Koronandë. Not a having a slightest idea where about the exact location of this mysterious Realm, he set afoot to head to nearest major town.

After six months of travelling Kuittaa had learned many ways of Southern Men, including drinking Brandy. Many were those times when Kuittaa had a drinking competition with other crewmembers. Few, if any, were those times he lost. Since he didn't have any money to pay his trip, he earned his place as observer. Keen eyes he indeed had, even keener than the Elves. With his brilliant hearing and smell, he could predict wheter the weather was becoming foul or not. Finally the ship reached the haven of Korlan, capital of Koronandë.

There he met Klaen, a Noldorin (?) bard; Moran the (lesser) High Elf, Goti the Man-Dog, Barty Hathorian and many other folk, and with them he took part to a bigger Quest. Legends do not tell what that Quest was, nor did the party succeed in their Quest. When Loremasters will complete their studies, then we will know. Eventually, Kuittaa with his party has had some success; they have destroyed atleast four enemy strongholds. Some of his own writings are available - Tales of The Elementary Guild, and Secret Diary of Kuittaa Lisää. Latter is in Labba only.


Kuittaa stood 5' 10" tall, and weighed about 158 lbs. He wore outfit made of moose's pelt. Long beard and long hair along with his blue eyes gave impressive presence. Because he was most of early adventure time drunk, few realised the power he possessed. As a result of "Drunk Guy" reputation, few ever took him seriously even after he quite drinking. That happened few months before travelling to the South-Western Middle-Earth.

Enduring harsh winters of North, he wasn't used to heat of the South. That hardly slowed him down though. Because of his unmatching observation skills, he saved party's life more than twice. During his journey he learned to dislike Noldorin Elves because of their arrogant behaviour. A good example of this was party's 'leader', Moran. But even though he disliked these Elves, Kuittaa never betrayed his companions. Sindarin Elves, and their lesser kin, Silvan Elves, however didn't earn his dislike at any point of his adventures.

Kuittaa's friends learned quite early that he could change his appearance to anything he liked, as long it was humanoid form. He could even change his way of speaking, his odor, and even mime all but most subtle manners of his selected appearance. Because of his linguistic skills, knowledge of the Streets and quite good influence skills, he was able to get himself almost anywhere.

His end was not a happy nor beautiful one. A Fell Beast dived dived from the sky, grabbed Kuittaa's head, lifted him off, and carried away. All this happened so fast, that his companions were unable to stop the Beast. Thus the marvellous items he had were all lost. His friends grieved their trusty companion's loss - loss of unique set of skills and abilities.

Kuittaa's Principal Items:

Lesser items of note:

Kuittaa's Special Abilities:

Spells - 50 (250)PP. Knows following spell lists: Magent Base "Escapes" to level 12, "Disguise Mastery" to level 11, "Assasination Mastery" to level 9, "Misdirection" to level 4 and "Gathering Secrets" to level 2; Open Mentalism lists "Anticipications" and "Brilliance" to level 2 and "Cloaking" to level 1; Closed Mentalism lists "Movement" to level 6 and "Mind Mastery" to level 2; Open Channeling list "Concussion Ways" to level 1.